this comic has only been updated four times in the last two years so i don’t think it should come as a surprise to hear that i’m ending it

maretropolis was going to be very, very big. too big. in hindsight it was far too ambitious for a fancomic, especially when i draw so slowly. most of these updates have taken 10-20 hours to draw, and the story would’ve needed at least like 70 updates to tell, so it probably would’ve taken me at least a year of hard work to get this comic done, and instead i chose to spend that year working on super lesbian horse rpg. i don’t regret my decision

some vague elements that were going to go into maretropolis are being retooled, both consciously and unconsciously, for my new game, andromi. it is a sci-fi game, after all, and a lot of the concepts that were going into maretropolis were less pony and more general sci-fi. because i know people are curious, here are some of the other things i had planned:

  • there was going to be a space elevator connecting to the moon. luna would’ve had a capital city on the moon. i would’ve found an excuse to make the cast go there
  • there was going to be some storyline with scootaloo, unsurprisingly
  • if you haven’t seen the concept art, spike was going to be a robot dog
  • rainbow dash’s prosthetics were adapted from the LD-0.307 prototype pegasus android developed by twilight. over the course of the series, twilight would be seen continuing to upgrade the robot until its completion at the climax of the series. at an unveiling ceremony in cloudsdale, twilight would activate the robot and reveal that she’s named after her fuel source: lightning dust
  • rainbow dash would’ve spent a lot of time being sad and sleeping on pinkie pie’s couch
  • rainbow dash would’ve fallen in love with pinkie pie

but none of that is going to happen now. i don’t have any regrets, though. i’m proud of what i managed to accomplish with maretropolis, even if it isn’t much. it was an important part of my artistic growth and a stepping stone towards me making bigger, better, more original things. anyway, thanks to all 2400 of you who were interested in the story! it’s been fun